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Friends record themselves killing roommate and setting body on fire

By Mason White 11:27 AM September 11, 2015
The three suspects 

By: Tanya Malhotra
(Scroll down for video) Three people were arrested for killing their friend and recording the act.

The three men of California, were accused of stabbing one of their friends to death and burning his body following an argument.

One of the men showed the video of the incident to his former girlfriend who reported it to the police.

Police believe that the 37-year-old victim was a roommate of the three suspects, who were identified as Alexis Eduardo Garcia-Jimenez, 19, Francisco Alvarez, 24, and Dionicio Gutierrez-Salazar, 36.

Police said that the four friends were drinking at their home in Atwater on Saturday night, when an argument broke out.

The suspects allegedly tied up their roommate and stabbed him while recording the murder, police said. Then they rolled his body in a carpet and burned it in an orchard, police said.

Three days later, the former girlfriend of Gutierrez-Salazar, told police about the video she saw on a phone.

When police arrived at the house of the men that day, one of them confessed to the brutal murder and led officers to the burned corpse in the garden, police said.

The three men were booked on suspicion of murder in the first degree. They are each held on $1 million bond.