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Grenade explodes and kills police officer as he tried to deactivate it

By Mason White 11:32 AM September 11, 2015
Adolfo Leonidas Castellano Carrillo 

By: Wayne Morin
A police officer was killed while trying to deactivate a grenade, police in Peru said.

The tragic incident occurred in Villa El Salvador, when a rocket-propelled grenade exploded in front of the Cristo Salvador high school.

Police officers rushed to the scene to secure the area. Students then realized that their was a second device under a truck, which had not exploded.

51-year-old Adolfo Leonidas Castellano Carrillo of the Explosives Deactivation Unit, was called to deactivate the device.

He was an officer with 29 years of experience in dealing with explosive devices, but this time, the grenade exploded as he was working to deactivate it.

According to his colleagues, he did not die right away. He was transported to a hospital by ambulance, where he was treated for 3 hours before he died.

The video of the incident was uploaded the Internet. Police said that although students were at the school at the time of the incident, no one other then the officer was hurt.

According to the initial investigation, the incident is believed to have been carried out by criminals who wanted to blackmail and extort money from the school director, Octavio Castaneda.

So far, no arrests have been made.