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Man spray paints neighbors’ homes and cars because angels told him they were devils and demons

By Mason White 7:42 AM September 13, 2015
Gabriel Ramirez 

By: Chan Yuan
A man was arrested on a charge of causing damage after allegedly spray painting slogans on numerous houses, cars and traffic signs, police in Florida said.

The Manatee County Sheriff’s Office said that they arrested 20-year-old Gabriel Ramirez, after being accused of using black paint to spray “666” on houses, cars and street signs because he was told that devils and demons are at the premises.

He was charged with causing criminal damage, and was booked into the Manatee County Jail. His bail was set at nearly $6,000.

According to the police investigation, several residents of Eighth Street Court West found that their homes, vehicles, driveways and street signs had been vandalized with black paint.

Slogans such as “666,” “666 Killa,” and “Jesus,” were found on numerous street signs. Officers suspected Ramirez, because he is known to talk about demons and devils.

During questioning, Ramirez told officers that angels helped identify the devils and demons living in houses on Eighth Street Court West.

Police estimate that Ramirez caused around $5,000 in damages to cars, roads, houses and street signs.