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School bans breakfast cereal after students used it to brew beer

By Mason White 1:10 PM September 13, 2015
Beer illustration 

By: Feng Qian
Schools in Zimbabwe, announced a ban on breakfast cereal after several students used to brew their own beer.

Three schools in Bulawayo, sent parents letters, warning them that oats and cereals made from sorghum would be confiscated as of Tuesday.

According to school officials, the students used the cereal with brown sugar and yeast, and left the mixture to ferment in the sun, creating a potent alcoholic drink.

The Hlabangana said Tennyson High Schools notified parents that the Morvite cereal powder and oatmeal are no longer allowed in school.

The schools also advised parents not buy items produced by Morvite, as children were fermenting them into alcohol. The beer of these cereals could contain high levels of alcohol, which can be a threat to the children’s health.