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11 men beat prison inmate for 3 hours because he refused to have sex with them

By Mason White 6:28 PM September 16, 2015
Prison illustration 

By: Chan Yuan
6 men were arrested on a charge of assault after beating a prison inmate because he refused to have sex with them, police in the United Arab Emirates said.

Now, 40-year-old A.H., 30-year-old S.A., 30-year-old N.A., 24-year-old H.M., 21-year-old H.M.M., and 21-year-old F.S., have been sentenced to serve one year in prison after being convicted of assault.

According to the investigation by the Dubai police, 20-year-old H.E. was assaulted at the Al Qusais police station after which he needed life saving surgery.

The incident unfolded after the victim was incarcerated for an unidentified crime. 11 prisoners approached him and demanded to have sex with him.

After he refused, the victim was kicked in the face. They then stripped him naked and sprayed with hot water. His head was shaved and urine was poured over his body.

The victim lost three teeth as a result of the attack. His jaw was broken in two places and he suffered a deep cut to the head.

He was taken to the Al Rashid Hospital, where he underwent two operations. He was left with a permanent disability in his left ear and jaw.

The court heard that the victim has difficulty chewing food and has lost hearing in his left ear.