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Man poses as doctor and injects liquid into women’s behinds

By Mason White 9:57 AM September 17, 2015
Syringe illustration 

By: Tanya Malhotra
A man who posed as a doctor, was arrested on a charge of practicing medicine without a license after allegedly injecting an unknown substance into women’s behinds, police in New York said.

Queens District Attorney Richard A. Brown, said that they have arrested 59-year-old Gabriel Estrada, after being accused of setting up an unlicensed medical practice in Corona, where he
allegedly performed medical procedures and wrote drug prescriptions for patients.

Estrada of 50th Avenue, maintained an unlawful medical practice at 102-15A Northern Boulevard.

Estrada was charged with third-degree criminal possession of a controlled substance, unauthorized practice of a profession, and criminal possession of a hypodermic instrument.

Estrada’s bail was set at $15,000 bond of $7,500 cash. He was ordered to surrender his passport. Estrada faces up to nine years in prison if convicted.

The suspect was arrested after an undercover New York City police officer posing as a patient, went to the location on five separate occasions, complaining of back pain, leg pain, numbness and diarrhea.

He met Estrada in a room containing an examination table, a stethoscope, an otoscope and a pail filled with medical syringes.

On each occasion, the undercover officer was allegedly requested to pay $30 by a woman for the visit.

On one occasion, the officer observed Estrada inserting a syringe into the behind of a woman and injecting an unknown substance into her.

Estrada performed an exam of the undercover officer before attempting to inject the officer with a syringe filled with an unknown liquid.

In each instance, the undercover officer refused the shot and Estrada wrote a prescription on a post-it note.

He told the officer to take the note to a nearby pharmacy, where for cash payments, the officer received prescription anti-inflammatory drugs and muscle relaxants as well as an unknown liquid.

The suspect has been treating twenty to thirty people a week.