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Students discover their high school teacher secretly works as adult actress

By Mason White 10:19 AM September 18, 2015
Kristin Sundman 

By: Mahesh Sarin
(Scroll down for video) A high school music teacher in Kent, Ohio, was suspended after her students discovered that she was working as an adult actress under the screen name melodyXXXtune.

31-year-old Kristin Sundman worked at the Theodore Roosevelt High School for eight years.

She was put on paid administration when her secret career as an adult movie star was exposed. A few days later, she resigned.

Sundman is known by her online alias melodyXXXtune, which she also used as her Twitter handle. The account has since been removed.

The superintendent of the high school, George Joseph, said that he is confident that Sundman never involved her students in the adult videos.