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Woman kills 3 sons she had with her husband who is also her stepfather

By Mason White 1:09 PM September 18, 2015
Joseph and Brittany Pilkington 

By: Wayne Morin
(Scroll down for video) A man was arrested after fathering 4 children with his stepdaughter.

Joseph Pilkington, 43, of Ohio, is the stepfather of Brittany Pilkington.

He got her pregnant at 17 years old, according to a grand jury indictment in Logan County.

Joseph was charged with one count of sexual assault, a felony in the third degree.

Joseph fathered 3 boys and one girl with Brittany.

Brittany, now 23 years old, was also arrested after she killed her 3 sons because she was jealous of the attention the boys were getting from their father.

She has pleaded not guilty to aggravated murder and could face the death penalty if convicted of killing the children.

As we reported earlier, a woman killed her 3 sons because she believed that her husband liked her sons more than their daughter.

Brittany Pilkington, 23, of Ohio, confessed to killing her three young sons in the last year, so that her husband would pay more attention to their daughter, police said.

The truth behind the serial killings was relieved after an unemotional Pilkington called 911 to report that her 3-month-old son Noah, had stopped breathing at 3:00 a.m. The baby died later at a hospital.

Pilkington placed a similar call when her 4-year-old son Gavin and 3-month-old child died in her home in Bellefontaine.

Pilkington later told police that she put blankets over the heads of all her children to suffocate them.

All children died in a span of 13 months and while her husband, 43-year-old Joseph Pilkington, was at his night shift job.

“In her mind, she was protecting her 3-year-old daughter who was not as loved as the boys were by their father,” Logan County prosecutor William Goslee said.

Pilkington was arrested. 3-year-old Hailey was placed in protective custody with a county welfare agency.