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91-year-old man pulls gun on gardner for putting grass on his car

By Mason White 11:18 AM September 21, 2015
Max Horton 

By: Mahesh Sarin
An elderly man, who likes his car to be clean, confronted a gardener at gunpoint over grass on his vehicle, police in Florida said.

The man is accused of attempted murder after allegedly threatening to shoot and kill a landscaper for accidentally spraying grass clippings on his car, police said.

91-year-old Max Horton, 91, of Avon Park, was at his home on Palo Verde Drive, when landscaper Robert Hendrix got some grass clippings on the car.

An argument between Horton and Hendrix turned violent, and Horton allegedly pulled out a gun, ordered Hendrix to his knees and said he was going to kill him.

When another landscaper, who was identified by deputies as Johnny Barnes, intervened, Horton fired a round at Hendrix before turning to Barnes.

At some point, Hendrix was able to disarm him and the two held him until police arrived. Horton is being held without bail on a charge of attempted first-degree murder.

He was booked into the Highlands County Jail.