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Woman gets $50 pharmacy voucher after hospital severely burns her private parts

By Mason White 10:21 AM September 21, 2015
Hospital illustration 

By: Chan Yuan
A woman is suing a pharmacy after her private parts were badly burned during a procedure.

Instead of paying her medical expenses after the mistake, the woman was given a $50 voucher by a pharmacy whose staff members were responsible for the injuries.

The 21-year-old woman of New Zealand, was faced with a costly and traumatic recovery after an error during what was supposed to be a routine 15-minute procedure.

The woman went to the Wellington’s Wakefield Specialist Centre for a colposcopy, following an abnormal pap smear when she suffered severe chemical burns to 80 percent of her private parts.

During an investigation, it was discovered that the acetic acid that should have been diluted to 5 percent, was at 100 percent due an error of workers at the pharmacy.

This human error caused severe internal burns to two women. The Newtown Mall Pharmacy, which labeled the acid, is investigating what went wrong.

Meanwhile, the woman, who was forced to undergo 3 months of treatment and may never have children as a result of the error, was given a $50 voucher to the Newtown Mall Pharmacy.

The woman said that the voucher was “a slap in the face,” and she is now suing the pharmacy for her extensive medical bills.