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Hospital chains woman to urinal for a month for not paying her medical bills

By Mason White 4:47 PM September 24, 2015
Urinal illustration 

By: Wayne Morin
A woman in Nigeria, who lost her newborn baby immediately after giving birth, was chained to a urinal at a hospital because she couldn’t afford to pay her medical bills.

Jessica Ugwuoke of Lagos, said that she checked herself into a maternity clinic when she went into labor.

After complications arose, she was transferred to the Samaria Hospital, which is located on Kudaki Road.

Ugwuoke’s husband, Tochukwu Ugwuoke, was ordered to pay N30,000 ($130) for a blood transfusion his wife needed after losing a lot of blood during childbirth.

The baby died shortly after the birth.

Jessica Ugwuoke has been detained at the hospital for non-payment of medical bills, which reached N285,000 ($1,432).

The woman was denied a hospital bed and refused further treatment after surgery as she and her husband could not pay the outstanding bills.

Jessica Ugwuoke was chained to a urinal and she described her treatment as dehumanizing.