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Husband uploads nude photos of his wife on Facebook and burns 15 pairs of her shoes

By Mason White 9:45 AM September 24, 2015
Women’s shoes illustration 

By: Chan Yuan
A husband was arrested on a charge of criminal mischief after allegedly burning his wife’s shoes because she told him that their marriage was over, police in Florida said.

Gainesville police said that they have arrested 43-year-old Glover Smith, after being accused of uploading nude photos of his wife on Facebook and burning her shoes.

Smith was charged with cyberstalking and criminal mischief. He was booked into the Alachua County Jail.

According to the police investigation, Smith uploaded three nude photos of his wife after an argument led her to leave his home.

Smith then sent her a text message with a link to the Facebook posts. Smith gathered 15 pairs of his wife’s shoes and set them on fire.

The shoes were worth around $500. Smith told police that he taunted his wife because she angered him.