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Man shoots his girlfriend and their 1-month-old baby inside church

By Mason White 10:39 AM September 24, 2015
James Junior Minter 

By: Mahesh Sarin
(Scroll down for video) A father was arrested for shooting his girlfriend and his newborn baby inside a church.

Police said that the pastor of the church was also shot while he wrestled the gun away from the suspect.

James Junior Minter, 26, of Alabama, was arrested after he opened fire in the church, and shot his girlfriend and their 1-month-old son because she left him.

Minter was charged with three counts of attempted murder for shooting his former girlfriend, 24, her newborn son and the pastor at the Oasis Tabernacle Church on Sunday morning.

Police said that when the Pastor Earl Carswell, 61, tried to intervene, Minter shot him in the leg.

Minter opened fire, shooting the woman in the jaw and shoulder. The baby was hit in the hand and the pastor was shot in the leg after trying to intervene and stop him.

The pastor and other members of the church were able to tackle Minter and take the weapon away from him. The shooter fled the scene, but was caught by police less than a mile away.

Police said that there was ongoing domestic violence between the couple. On the day of the incident, Minter and his girlfriend had a dispute over child visitation, police said in a statement.

Minter is being held in the Dallas County Jail, on three counts of attempted murder.