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2 bus drivers expose themselves to students by mooning and touching private parts

By Mason White 10:29 AM September 27, 2015
School bus illustration 

By: Chan Yuan
(Scroll down for video) A mother called police after witnessing a bus driver mooning children.

The bus drivers of Norman, Oklahoma, allegedly lured students to where they were smoking while waiting for them to get on the buses.

The mother of the victim said that the men exposed themselves to her daughter. One man pulled his pants down and exposed his backside and the other touched his private parts in front of her teenage daughter.

One mother said that the school counselor dismissed the incident and the school allowed the bus drivers to continue driving the children immediately after the incident.

Now, the Norman High School said that they suspended the drivers in question and they are cooperating with police.

The Norman Police Department confirmed that they are investigating the incident, and they are talking to the woman and to teenager who witnessed the incident.