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Man forced to choose his mother or wife who were drowning at same time

By Mason White 10:19 AM September 27, 2015
Wang Fei Guo 

By: Tanya Malhotra
A family fishing trip has gone bad after their boat overturned.

28-year-old Wang Fei Guo and his wife of four years Xiaoqing, took a trip to his mother’s home in China.

The mother’s home is near a lake, which is a well-known fishing spot. Xiaoqing asked her husband to take her out on the lake. Wang Fei, who had not been out fishing for a while, agreed.

His mother asked if she could come along. During the trip, the boat overturned, causing both women to fall into the water.

Wang Fei knows how to swim, but his wife and mother do not. When the two women started drowning, Wang Fei immediately went to save his wife.

When his wife was safe, he rescued his mother.

After the three were safely out of the water, Wang Fei’s mother was taken to a hospital. Wang Fei’s father was enraged by the decision of his son to save his wife first.

However, he later said that he understands his son as “how can a man choose between the 2 women he loves.”

When the story was posted on the Internet, people had different opinions about the rescue.

Some believe that a man only has one mother, but can always get another wife, while others defended his actions.

The mother said that she does not blame her son for his decision.