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Cemetery hit with lawsuit after persuading mentally ill patients to buy expensive funeral packages

By Mason White 6:07 PM September 29, 2015
Funeral and cemetery illustration 

By: Feng Qian
(Scroll down for video) A cemetery was slapped with a lawsuit after allegedly persuading mentally ill patients to purchase expensive funeral packages, according to court documents in Indiana.

Cohen & Malad, LLP filed a class action lawsuit on behalf of residents who were improperly solicited for pre-need funeral and cemetery services by Crown Hill Funeral Home and Cemetery.

The lawsuit alleges that Crown Hill violated the Indiana Pre-Need Act by directly soliciting patients in mental health and health care facilities for expensive prepaid cemetery and funeral arrangements.

Many of these patients suffer from conditions that require a loved one to have power of attorney or legal guardianship to make medical and financial decisions for them.

Crown Hill allegedly preyed on the mentally ill to increase profits.

Crown Hill sold one patient in a mental health facility, an $11,000 cemetery package while her family was completely unaware of it.

She didn’t even want to be buried at Crown Hill. Attorney Vess Miller of Cohen & Malad, LLP said that they hope this lawsuit will end these outrageous practices.

The lawsuit seeks to recover damages for victims who entered into contracts and paid fees to Crown Hill while they were patients at hospitals and health care facilities.