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Grandfather kills several paramedics because his granddaughter died of meningitis

By Mason White 5:36 PM September 29, 2015
Bekir Nebiev 

By: Chan Yuan
Police are looking to arrest a grandfather on a charge of murder after allegedly killing several paramedics following the death of his teenage granddaughter, police in Ukraine said.

55-year-old Bekir Nebiev of Crimea, armed himself with a rifle and went to an ambulance station, where he opened fire and killed two workers.

30-year-old Irina Sukhanik died moments after being hit in the heart. 55-year-old Tatiana Katkova was hit in the stomach and died on the way to a hospital.

42-year-old Vladimir Slanchak was seriously injured after bullets hit him in the head and neck. Olga Zvonnik was hit in the shoulder and is said to be in good condition.

According to the police investigation, Nebiev was seeking revenge after it took the ambulance service a long time to take him to the hospital earlier that day.

Nebiev suffers from heart disease. The man was also angry about the death of his 16-year-old granddaughter who died 3 weeks ago.

An ambulance crew visited her home when she had high fever.

Paramedics told the family of the girl that she does not need emergency care at the hospital. Soon after, she had convulsions and died.

The cause of her death was identified as meningitis.