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70-year-old man ties up 25-year-old wife and 2-year-old son before going to work

By Mason White 4:36 PM September 30, 2015
Wang Mengyi tying up his wife and son 

By: Chan Yuan
People are calling on police to investigate a man who was seen tying his much younger wife to a pole before he going to work.

Photos of the man’s family were uploaded to social media, and people are calling on police in China to intervene.

Wang Mengyi admitted that he found his wife at the side of the road in Henan.

Mengyi said that when he found the woman and realized that she was severely mentally disabled, he took her to the police station.

However, after the woman was unable to give them her name or tell them where she lives, officers allegedly refused to help.

The poor farmer took the mentally disabled woman home, and married her. The woman is estimated to be 25 years old.

The couple had a baby boy. He is now 2 years old. When Mengyi was spotted tying his wife and son to the pole, he said that he does so because he is afraid they would run away or get lost while he is at work.