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Girl dumps her boyfriend for stealing woman’s bra to give it to her as gift

By Mason White 11:55 AM October 1, 2015
Woman’s bra illustration 

By: Tanya Malhotra
A boy was arrested on a charge of theft after being caught stealing a woman’s bra to give it to his girlfriend as a gift, police in China said.

Foshan police said that they have arrested Li Cheng, after being accused trying to give a stolen bra to his girlfriend as a gift during a festival.

Cheng told police that his new girlfriend told him that she wants some sexy lingerie for the festival. Cheng, who was short on money, decided to steal a bra from his neighbor’s clothing line to give it to his girlfriend.

He was caught when Li Shen, filed a complaint with the police after his wife’s favorite bra went missing. Police checked the security cameras of Shen’s building and discovered that Cheng took the bra.

Police raided the suspect’s home, and they found the bra wrapped and ready to be given as a gift to his new love. Police arrested Cheng, and during questioning, he admitted to stealing the bra.

After learning about the theft, the suspect’s girlfriend dumped him.