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Woman sends boss selfie of breasts with caption ‘what you’re missing this weekend’

By Mason White 9:30 AM October 2, 2015
The photo with the response 

By: Wayne Morin

A woman took a selfie of her breasts and sent it to her boss.

The woman added the caption “what you’re missing this weekend,” before getting a reply that shocked her.

The woman said that she took the photo of her breast as a late night treat for her boyfriend. However, she accidentally sent it to her boss.

To her shock and humiliation, her boss saw the photo and replied. The male boss, who was not identified, replied by sending her a photo of a handwritten note.

The unidentified woman, posted the photo of her boss’ response on social media. The handwritten note read: “Hi, you probably did not mean to send this to me, but please be more careful. I am your Boss.”

Luckily, the boss was considerate about the humiliating mistake and he noted the professional boundaries between them.