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15-year-old boy shoots and kills police officer at police station before dancing in the street

By Mason White 1:46 PM October 4, 2015
Farhad Khalil Mohammad Jabar 

By: Wayne Morin
(Scroll down for video) A teenage boy was shot dead by police after raiding a police station and killing a police officer before dancing in the street, police in Australia said.

New South Wales police said that 15-year-old Farhad Khalil Mohammad Jabar, shot and killed 58-year-old Curtis Cheng, who worked at the police station in Parramatta.

Police called the attack, which unfolded 4:30 p.m. on Friday, politically motivated. Jabar attended the Arthur Phillip High school, which is just 1,000 feet away.

According to the police investigation, the teen continued to fire his gun and dance outside the station before being shot and killed by three police officers at the scene.

The teen prayed at a nearby mosque before the attack.

Police believe that the teenager was acting alone. Police had no prior information about the attack. Police learned that a day before the attack, Jabar’s sister flew to Istanbul, Turkey, in order to join ISIS in Syria or Iraq.