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Man changes gender 3 times before making up his mind to live as a woman

By Mason White 12:15 PM October 4, 2015
Chelsea Attonley 

By: Chan Yuan
Taxpayers in the United Kingdom, paid for a man’s treatment to become a woman, a man and again a woman.

Chelsea Attonley, who was born as Matthew, suffers from a condition called gender dysphoria. She was unsure who she wants to be and it took 3 tries before she finally felt comfortable with who she wants to be.

Attonley, 30, of London, England, looks like a woman, and she loves it. However, it took three sex changes until she finally felt confident with her decision to become a woman.

Attonley spent a large part of her life struggling to know if she is a woman trapped in the body of a man – or vice versa. Her mother, Sandra, was very supportive of her sex change.

Attonley said that she lost her virginity to another man when she was just 16 years old. She first became a woman at 18 years old.

When she saved up enough money, she flew to Thailand, where she had surgery to get size 38FF breasts. “Seeing the large lumps on my chest made me very happy,” Attonley said.

However, during the following years, she found it hard to find love. Attonley said that men hit on her for her looks. If a man asked her out, she did not tell him that she was born male. It didn’t seem important.

However, after the first date, she told them the truth, but the men refused to see her again. After many failed dates and being unable to find love, a heartbroken Attonley stopped taking hormones and began living as a man once again.

Her facial hair grew back and her private parts began growing. When she was ready to remove her breasts to continue living as a man, Attonley regretted her decision.

She looked into the mirror and realized that she loved her curves. Attonley decided not to remove her breasts. She then made the decision that she will once again undergo the necessary hormone treatment to become a woman and live as a woman for the rest of her life.