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Police trap drivers by dressing as Evangelist and ordering them to repent to give cellphone tickets

By Mason White 10:30 AM October 4, 2015
Officer Anthony McKnight with the sign 

By: Mahesh Sarin
A woman is angry after she received a ticket for taking a photo of a sign.

Michelle Tetreault of Concord, New Hampshire, was in her car with her daughter when they saw a man with a sign around his neck.

The sign warned people to “Repent. The end is near!”

The 14-year-old girl asked her mother to take a photo of the man with the sign while they were stopped at a red light in Somersworth.

However, as soon as the mother took the photo, she was pulled over and given a $124 traffic ticket for using her cellphone to take a picture of the man.

Police said that Tetreault, was fined for violating a new state law against using cellphones or other electronic devices while driving.

Tetreault, whose former brother-in-law was killed in an accident caused by a driver who was texting, said that she never uses her phone while driving, but she did not realize that the new law also applies to vehicles stopped at stop signs or red lights.

Police said that the man who was dressed as an Evangelist, was undercover officer named Anthony McKnight. He held the sign to catch people using electronic devices on the road.

Tetreault said that she plans to appeal the fine.

The Somersworth Police Department said that close to 100 drivers were ticketed during the five-day sting operation.