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Siblings who had sex with each other kill their parents and have sex with the dead bodies

By Mason White 1:48 PM October 4, 2015
Leandro Acosta and Karen Klein 

By: Chan Yuan
A step brother and sister, who were having sex with each other, killed their parents and had sex with their dead bodies, police in Argentina said.

25-year-old Leandro Acosta and 22-year-old Karen Klein shot and killed their parents because they abused their 11-year-old twin brother and sister.

In addition to having sex with the dead parents, the couple fed their bodies to the dogs, and they also burned some of their remains.

A passerby found a bone of Miryam Kowalczuk outside her home in Pilar, and called the police. During questioning, Leandro Acosta admitted to killing his stepfather, Ricardo Klein, and eating part of his body.

Leandro Acosta then had sex with the bodies as Karen Klein watched. Karen Klein told the police that she was forced to dispose of the bodies because Leandro Acosta threatened her.

However, family members told investigators that Karen Klein was the leading figure in the incestuous relationship. Police believe that the motive for the killings was financial.