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Dog graduates with honor from university and is included in graduation photos

By Mason White 10:15 AM October 6, 2015
The graduation photo with the dog 

By: Wayne Morin
A dog was honored by a university, allowing it to graduate alongside its owner.

Students studying Social Work at the University of Cadiz in Spain, wanted to pay tribute to a familiar face that had been in their class.

The dog that has been seen in many classes during their college years, was honored by being allowed to graduate together with the class.

The labrador named Idena, is a guide dog for the blind male students and helped the students get around the campus and to classes.

The university and the classmates of the blind students, honored the dog by allowing it to graduate together with its owner. The dog was also included in class photos.

In one photo, the dog is seen wearing a mortar board, the square academic cap worn by graduating students. In another photo of the entire class, the dog is seen next to its owner, Diaz Benitez, who is wearing sunglasses.

The photos were uploaded to social media sites, where it received a lot of positive comments.