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Married woman sleeps with 27 men and terminates 8 pregnancies during 5-year marriage

By Mason White 5:23 PM October 6, 2015
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By: Feng Qian
A man filed for divorce after getting tired of his wife sleeping around with other men, according to court documents in Zimbabwe.

Silas Ngwenya told the Harare Family Court that his wife of 5 years, Rudo Matonhodze, slept with at least 27 men and terminated 8 pregnancies.

Ngwenya asked the court to dissolve their marriage and to award him custody of his two children. Ngwenya told the court that the mother of his children cannot take care of them because she is busy sleeping with men.

He also claims that his wife is suicidal and emotionally unstable. Matonhodze however, told the court that she can take care of the children since she lives with her parents.

She also believes that her parents’ home is a favorable environment for her children. She denied her husband’s allegations.

The judge sided with the mother, and she was awarded custody of her two children.

Ngwenya asked the court to issue a restraining order against his wife because she screams the names of her lovers as they have sex.

Matonhodze denied the allegations, and the judge rejected his request.