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21-year-old woman burns herself after wind blows acid in her face while pouring it on former lover while riding on his motorcycle

By Mason White 5:28 PM October 7, 2015
Ung Limey 

By: Mahesh Sarin
Police are looking to arrest a young woman on a charge of assault after allegedly pouring acid on her former lover because he broke up with her, police in Cambodia said.

Phnom Penh police said that they are looking to arrest 21-year-old Ung Limey, after being accused of pouring acid on 23-year-old Leng Socheata, while they were riding on his motorcycle together.

Socheata, who was seriously injured by the acid, suffered more injuries after crashing his motorcycle. Ironically, Limey burned her own face as the wind blew some of the acid onto her face.

Socheata’s family told police that the attack was an act of revenge after he had been persuaded to break off their relationship.

Limey was being treated at a private hospital, and police do not know her whereabouts.

Police learned about her injuries after photographs appeared on social media sites, which show her with bandages on her face.

The uncle of Socheata, said that he managed to persuade him to stop seeing her after learning that she had been arrested for theft and drugs.

They were separated for several days, but on Tuesday, the woman came back and the couple went for a motorcycle ride.

She took along the bottle of acid and poured it on his head, seriously wounding him.