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22-year-old woman holds hotel maid hostage after her date did not show up

By Mason White 2:06 PM October 8, 2015
Feng being arrested 

By: Chan Yuan
Police in China, arrested an angry woman after she took a hotel maid hostage.

The woman was very angry after her man did not show up for their prearranged date.

She vented her anger by holding the hotel maid hostage at knifepoint.

The suspect, who was identified as Feng, 22, was arrested by a SWAT team after a 90-minute standoff in the hotel in Zhengzhou.

The hostage was eventually rescued and was not injured. Police said that Feng had booked a room on the seventh floor of the Shanshui Hotel, and waited for her date.

However, when he failed to show up, the woman called room service and asked staff for some toiletries.

When the hotel maid, who was identified as Xue, came to restock the room, Feng suddenly pulled a knife and pointed it at her throat.

The SWAT team eventually stormed into the hotel room to rescue the hostage and Feng was arrested.