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800-pound man kicked out of hospital for ordering pizza

By Mason White 2:52 PM October 8, 2015
Steven Assanti 

By: Wayne Morin
(Scroll down for video) A 33-year-old obese man was kicked out of a hospital for ordering pizza because he violated hospital rules.

33-year-old Steven Assanti recently spent 80 days at the Rhode Island Hospital, in an effort to lose weight. He entered the hospital weighing a whopping 778 pounds.

The plan was for him to lose about 228 pounds and then have gastric bypass surgery to get him to a healthy weight.

In the 80 days, he lost 20 pounds. However, when Assanti was caught with a pizza, he was ordered to leave the hospital.

Now, the man’s father is desperately looking for someone to save his son from eating himself to death.

The 800-pound man of Cranston, was loaded into the trunk of his father’s SUV after the hospital ordered him to leave.

The man’s father said that taking his son home would be a death sentence as he will go back to his old eating habits.

The desperate father, who refuses to take his son home, said that he will drive around with his son in the truck until he gets the help he needs.