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Murphy slapped with lawsuit after bed folded up and crushed sleeping woman to death

By Mason White 5:11 PM October 8, 2015
Bed illustration 

By: Mahesh Sarin
The maker of the popular Murphy beds was slapped with a lawsuit after an elderly woman was crushed to death in her sleep, according to court documents in Oregon.

The Jackson County Circuit Court heard that 76-year-old Penelope C. Martens, was sleeping in her Murphy bed when it pulled away from the wall and hit her head and upper torso.

The mounting frame and mattress locked in the closed position, trapping Martens inside and crushing her to death.

The lawsuit also names Westcott Designs of California, alleging that it is to blame for the poor design of the bed. The lawsuit also lists Beds For Less, claiming it is responsible for incorrectly installing the bed at Martens’ home.

The family is seeking $7,500 for memorial expenses, and $850,000 for loss of companionship.