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Mother abandons teenage daughter until she gets free plastic surgery because her face is very ugly

By Mason White 1:09 PM October 9, 2015
Young girl illustration 

By: Chan Yuan
A mother in Russia, is being criticized for abandoning her mentally disabled teenage daughter because she is ashamed of her extremely ugly face.

The mother identified as Nadezhda of Rostov Oblast, has refused to take care of 16-year-old daughter Katya, unless social workers find a plastic surgeon who will make her face more attractive.

Katya was born mentally and physically disabled. The mother simply left the newborn at the hospital. The girl, who was not expected to live for more than a few days, was placed in an orphanage.

When the girl will turn 18 years old, she will be institutionalized unless her mother agrees to take her home. However, the mother complained that since she lives in a small town, people will make fun of her because of her ugly daughter.

The mother has three other children, and she cannot afford to pay for plastic surgery. Social workers are looking for a surgeon who will agree to operate for free, but so far, they were unsuccessful.

Kristina Isaeva, who volunteers at the charity Me Without A Mother, said that she is soliciting donations in order to be able to pay for the child’s plastic surgery.