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Father gets through airport security with teenage son’s passport

By Mason White 5:50 PM October 12, 2015
Greg and William Sheen 

By: Feng Qian
A father was shocked that he was able to get through airport security in the United Kingdom, with another person’s passport.

The British tourist said that he was able to go through airport security checkpoints in London and Greece, while using the passport belonging to his teenage son.

59-year-old Greg Sheen of Fordingbridge, Hampshire, said that no one stopped him before boarding a plane at the Stansted airport, although he looks nothing like the photo on the passport.

The passport belongs to his 15-year-old son and the teen’s date of birth appears on the document, Sheen said.

Sheen said that he accidentally grabbed his son William’s passport instead of his own when he left home. He realized his mistake at the airport, but decided to try to use it in order to avoid missing his flight to Greece.

The single father who works as a gravedigger, said that he looks nothing like his son. Sheen said that he is concerned over airport security.