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Hospital mistakenly informs woman that her mother died in name mixup

By Mason White 9:56 AM October 12, 2015
Liz Page and Phyllis Lilley 

By: Wayne Morin
A woman in the United Kingdom, was shocked to get a call from a hospital, saying that her mother had died.

61-year-old Liz Page of Dorset, rushed over to the Dorset County Hospital, where she said her final goodbye to her mother, 94-year-old Phyllis Lilley.

Page and her husband, 72-year-old Gerry Page, were too upset to realize that the whole incident was a name mixup. After several hours, the hospital called them back, saying that Lilley was still alive.

A hospital employee apologized and notified the couple that Lilley was transferred to a different ward. The woman who really died had a similar name as Lilley, and employees processed the wrong file.

Lilley had been taken to the hospital following a stroke. A brain scan revealed some bleeding and she was put on oxygen.

Liz Page said that it now sounds ridiculous that she didn’t realize that the dead woman was not her mother, but she was too distraught at the time to take notice.