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Airplane captain squeezes flight attendant into overhead storage compartment while threatening her

By Mason White 6:14 PM October 13, 2015
Flight attendant squeezed into overhead storage 

By: Feng Qian
An airline in China, launched an investigation after photos show flight attendants being forced into overhead storage compartments as part of bullying incidents were published on social media sites.

The incidents of bullying allegedly unfolded on Kunming Airlines of Yunnan.

The shocking pictures of the abuse went viral after being posted on WeChat on Saturday.

Some of the photos show a captain squeezing a female flight attendant into the overhead storage compartment while yelling at her.

Another photo shows a man raising his finger to a member of the crew who is seen lying with her hands on her face in the storage compartment.

Almost all flight attendants were forced into the overhead storage compartments after completing around 40 hours of service.

Airline officials insist that the bullying took place without their knowledge and said that so far, no complaints were made. The bullying was carried after flights and the passengers were never at risk, officials said.

The company vowed to put an end to the bullying, saying that such an incident will never happen again.