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Brothel pays down college student loans of prostitutes

By Mason White 3:37 AM October 14, 2015
Moonlite Bunny Ranch prostitutes 

By: Mahesh Sarin
(Scroll down for video) A brothel in Nevada, launched a program that helps prostitutes pay off their student loans.

The owner of the Moonlite Bunny Ranch Brothel, said that he employs about 500 women as prostitutes and many of them have student loans to pay off.

Dennis Hof launched the program as the issue of outstanding student loans is brought up everyday during the interview process with new prostitutes.

Hof began matching payments to prostitutes who are paying down their debts.

Krissy Summers was a cheerleader at the University of Michigan, and she was left with $40,000 in federal student loans.

After starting work at Bunny Ranch, Hof agreed to help her make payments. Summers was debt free in 60 days. Caressa Kisses, who had $40,000 in student debt, said that she worked at Bunny Ranch nine years ago to pay for college.

After she graduated, she could not find full-time work and headed back to the Bunny Ranch. Kisses said that Hof helped her pay off her debts in six months.

Hof said that the payments are taken out of his cut.