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Construction worker chops up his boss because he caught him stealing checks

By Mason White 10:06 AM October 13, 2015
Luis Perez (left) and Bruce Blackwood 

By: Tanya Malhotra
A construction worker was arrested on a charge of murder after chopping up his boss when he confronted him about stolen checks, police in New York said.

Now, 50-year-old Luis Perez of Brooklyn, has been sentenced to serve up to life in prison after being convicted of murder, following the killing of 55-year-old Bruce Blackwood.

According to the police investigation, Blackwood, who owned several properties, hired Perez to work in some of the apartments, which he was preparing to rent out.

At some point, Blackwood discovered that Perez stole his checkbook and cashed multiple checks totaling $7,700.

Blackwood confronted Perez about the stolen checks. Perez then killed Blackwood and chopped up his body with a machete.

He placed the parts in plastic bags and used bleach to clean up the crime scene. Perez said that he killed Blackwood, in order to avoid going to prison for stealing his checks and cashing them.

He was sentenced to up to four years in prison for theft.