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Nigerian scammer swindles $267,000 from New Zealand woman by pretending to love her

By Mason White 10:13 AM October 13, 2015

By: Feng Qian
A man was arrested on a charge of fraud after swindling hundreds of thousands of dollars from a woman by pretending to love her, police in Nigeria said.

Edo State police said that they have arrested the 37-year-old suspect, a former Federal Polytechnic students, after persuading the woman of New Zealand, to send him $267,000.

The Nigerian scammer posed on the Internet as Christopher Williams of the United Kingdom. Akintunde Vincent Abiodun met the young woman on a dating website and the woman fell in love with him.

The suspect then persuaded the woman to send him money so he can fly to her country and live with her. The suspect said that he needed the money to secure a large inheritance, precious stones worth $18 million, from his father.

The suspect was charged with one count of fraud.