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18-year-old babysitter makes 13-year-old boy touch her private parts

By Mason White 2:22 PM October 14, 2015
Mary-Ellen Mooney 

By: Chan Yuan
A teenager is in trouble after she made a 13-year-old boy touch her in a sexual way.

18-year-old Mary-Ellen Mooney of Milton Keynes, England, was babysitting for a family when one of the children’s 13-year-old friend came over to the home.

Mooney invited the 13-year-old boy to sit with her on the couch to watch television. Mooney cuddled up with the boy on the couch.

She then began making sexual suggestions to the young teen. The court heard how Mooney grabbed the boy’s hand and “guided it down to her private parts and placed it inside her underwear.”

Prosecutor Richard Milne said that the couple also kissed on the lips. After the incident, Mooney sent Facebook messages to the boy, describing what they would when they meet again.

Milne said that the messages were “clearly of a sexual nature.”

Judge Karen Holt of the Aylesbury Crown Court heard that the boy’s family confronted Mooney and launched an assault against her.

Mooney, who was a full-time insurance salesperson, pleaded guilty to two counts of causing/inciting a child to engage in sexual activity.

Judge Holt told the 18-year-old woman that she faces jail time when she is sentenced for her crimes.