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Man kidnaps friend’s 18-month old son during the night and rapes him before returning him to bed

By Mason White 12:11 PM October 14, 2015
Shawn McCormack 

By: Feng Qian
(Scroll down for video) A man was will spend the rest of his life in prison for vile crimes against a child.

31-year-old Shawn McCormack betrayed his friend in the worst way possible.

The sick pedophile kidnapped the 18-month-old son of his friend and sexually abused him to produce child pornography, prosecutors said.

McCormack was convicted of four counts of sexual exploitation of a minor and two counts of kidnapping during a four-day trial.

McCormack from Colorado, stayed with the child’s parents in California several times. During the night, he grabbed the child and slipped out of the house located in Bakersfield, and recorded himself sexually abusing the toddler.

The videos were made in several places, including his truck and a nearby motel room.

He then returned the child to bed before his parents awoke in the morning, the U.S. Department of Justice said in a statement.

McCormack shared the pornographic images online, where they were spotted by an undercover Toronto Police Services officer in Canada, prosecutors said.

McCormack also recorded and distributed sexual abuse photos of another child. He was identified after agents of the Homeland Security in Boston, conducted a forensic examination of a computer belonging to another person, who had received videos and pictures that were distributed by McCormack.

Agents identified the date, time and the motel room where the videos were recorded. They learned that McCormack had rented the motel room the night the recording was created, prosecutors said.

McCormack was sentenced to life in prison for his crimes.