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3 young sisters die after being buried alive under grain on their family farm

By Mason White 3:27 PM October 15, 2015
The Bott family before the tragedy 

By: Mahesh Sarin
(Scroll down for video) Three young sisters of Canada, were buried alive while playing in grain on their family’s farm.

11-year-old twins Dara and Jana Bott were jumping on a ton of canola seeds with their 13-year-old sister Catie.

Police said that the sisters were playing in the back of a truck that was loaded with grain on the family farm in Withrow, Alberta, when they were buried beneath the pile.

Family members freed the girls and performed CPR. Catie and one of the 11-year-old twins were pronounced dead at the scene. The other sister was airlifted to a children’s hospital, where she died shortly thereafter.

Police relayed a message from the girls’ parents Roger and Bonita Bott: “Our kids died living life on the farm, it is a family farm. We do not regret raising and involving our kids on our farm. It was our life.

“Thank you for all of the overwhelming support we have received from the first responders, neighbors and friends.
We ask the media to respect our privacy at this time of grief.”

May they rest in peace.