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Gun store ordered to pay $5 million for selling gun that injured police officers

By Mason White 11:14 AM October 15, 2015
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By: Feng Qian
(Scroll down for video) Police officers won a lawsuit against a store owner who sold a gun that injured them.

A jury in Wisconsin, awarded two Milwaukee police officers more than $5 million after they were shot and seriously wounded by a gun bought at the store.

The ruling came in a negligence lawsuit filed against the owners and operators of Badger Guns.

The lawsuit alleged that the shop owners allowed an illegal sale despite several warning signs that should have prompted the store clerk to stop the sale.

The store clerk was accused of knowing that the gun was being sold to a “straw buyer,” which means that the buyer was getting the gun for someone who could not possess it legally.

Jurors sided with the officers and ruled that the store was negligent in selling the gun.

Retired Officer Graham Kunisch and Officer Bryan Norberg were both shot in the face and injured after they stopped Julius Burton for riding his bike on a sidewalk.

Kunisch lost one eye and part of the frontal lobe of his brain. His injuries forced him to retire from the police force.

Norberg suffered 8 shattered teeth. The bullet blew through his cheek and lodged in his shoulder. He remains in the force, but claims that his injuries made it difficult for him to work.

Jurors ordered the gun store owner to pay Kunisch $3.6 million and Norberg $1.5 million in addition to $730,000 in punitive damages.

Burton pleaded guilty to two counts of first-degree attempted intentional homicide and is serving 80 years in prison.

The man who bought the gun, Jacob Collins, received a two-year sentence after pleading guilty to straw purchase for an underage buyer.

The owners of Badger Guns said that they will appeal the verdict.