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Parents allow their baby to crawl around store as they rob owner at gunpoint

By Mason White 3:15 PM October 15, 2015
The couple with their baby 

By: Feng Qian
(Scroll down for video) Police in Argentina, are looking to arrest a couple who was seen robbing a store at gunpoint with their baby.

Police have released a video of the shocking moment a couple with their baby in the mother’s arms robbing a clothing store.

The store owner said that they seemed to be a normal family as the parents shopped while the father was holding the baby in his arms.

However, things took a violent turn when the father handed the baby over to his partner and pulled a gun on the store owner.

The armed robber then forced the owner to go behind the counter and tied him up. Their accomplice came inside to help. At one point, the woman walked out of the store and brought the getaway car to the front.

She then returned to the store with her baby in her arms. She placed the baby on the floor and he crawled around
while she grabbed clothing and placed them into a huge bag.

At one point, the child, who is thought to be around nine months old, come within inches of the helpless businessman as he lied on the floor behind the counter.

The couple then took their loot and their baby and left the store, which is located in San Francisco Solano.

The armed thieves stole almost $5,400 in cash and clothes. Police are asking people for help in identifying the suspects.