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Spiritual healer beats young woman to death during attempt to heal her psychological problems

By Mason White 6:10 PM October 15, 2015
Religious ritual illustration 

By: Mahesh Sarin
A spiritual healer was arrested on a charge of murder after allegedly beating a young woman to death while trying to heal her psychological problems, police in Egypt said.

Alexandria police said that they arrested the spiritual healer, who was not identified, after killing the 27-year-old woman during an attempt to exorcise an evil spirit from her body.

The woman’s father told police that he brought his daughter to the spiritual healer after she was hospitalized in a psychiatric ward.

During the healing session, the man used a stick to beat his daughter. The woman died of her injuries.

In January, a religious leader said that she beat an elderly woman to death because she was responsible for her son’s bad luck, police in India said.

The Ghoti Police Department said that 65-year-old Budhabai Dore, was allegedly beaten to death in Nashik, after her two sons sacrificed her in exchange for good luck.

So far, police have arrested 10 people, including the two brothers in connection with the woman’s death.

According to the police investigation, the brothers, Kashinath and Govind Dore, consulted 42-year-old Bachchi-bai Narayan Khadke.

The brother’s sister, Rahibai Pingle, is a follower of the religious leader and persuaded her brothers to follow her advice. Khadke told the brothers that they had to sacrifice their mother and sister to turn around their lives.

The brothers brought their mother and sister to Khadke, and she beat the mother to death while the sister managed to escape.

Police arrested Khadke, who confessed to killing other women as part of religious sacrifices. She was charged with murder and attempted murder along with the two brothers.