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Teenager traveling in parents’ car feared kidnapped after calling for help because he hated the music

By Mason White 12:50 PM October 16, 2015
Car radio playing music illustration 

By: Mahesh Sarin
Police chased after a family car and detained the parents after their teen called out for help because he hated the music that was playing in the vehicle, police in Germany said.

The incident unfolded on a highway in Kaiserslautern, after the 15-year-old boy couldn’t take the music that was playing in his parents’ car.

The teen told police that when his parents wouldn’t stop playing music from the 1960s, he wrote the world help on a piece of paper and threw it out of the car.

A driver traveling behind the family car noticed the dropped paper and stopped to retrieve it. He feared that the boy had been kidnapped and called the police.

Police officers arrived at the scene, and detained the parents with their guns drawn and ordered all the occupants out of the vehicle.

After a few minutes, the police realized the misunderstanding and sent the family on their way.