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Scientists invent very slow melting ice cream

By Mason White 6:04 PM October 18, 2015
Kids eating ice cream illustration 

By: Wayne Morin
(Scroll down for video) A group of scientist in Scotland, invented an ingredient that slows down the melting of ice cream.

Professor Cait MacPhee of the University of Edinburgh’s school of physics and astronomy, said that a naturally occurring protein can be used to create ice cream that remains frozen for longer periods in warm climates.

Scientists estimate that slow melting ice cream could be available to consumers in about four years.

Teams of the Universities of Edinburgh and Dundee, have discovered that the protein BsIA, works by binding together air, fat and water in the ice cream.

The protein will also prevent the ice cream from dripping as it melts. By using the protein, the fat and sugar amount in the ice cream will be reduced, making it healthier.