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Wendy’s employees write n****r on children’s toys of black customers

By Mason White 10:30 AM October 18, 2015
The racist note written by Wendy’s employees 

By: Wayne Morin
(Scroll down for video) A mother in Colorado, is angry after she found a racist note, including the N word, written inside the meal she bought for herself and her kids.

Now, Wendy’s said that two employees who worked at their Arvada store, were fired after they wrote n****r on the kids toys of black customers.

The incident began when Manige Osowski brought her family to Wendy’s located on 62nd Avenue and Sheridan Boulevard on Thursday.

Osowski said that when her daughter opened the toy she saw a note with the N word. Oswoski had no choice but to explain the meaning of the N word.

It is unclear why the employees wrote the note. In additional to firing the employees responsible for the note, Wendy’s apologized to the customer.

On Tuesday, about 12 people protested outside the Wendy’s to express their anger about the racist note. Oswoski said that she wants Wendy’s to apologize to her children as well.