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Amazon suing over 1,000 people for fake or misleading reviews

By Mason White 5:31 PM October 19, 2015
Amazon packages illustration 

By: Feng Qian
Amazon has filed a lawsuit in Seattle, Washington, against more than 1,000 people for posting false reviews on their website.

Amazon is suing 1,114 people for posting “false, misleading and inauthentic” reviews on their site.

Amazon claims that the defendants, whom they referred to as “John Does,” offered their services for as little as $5 on the website They mostly offered to post 5 star reviews for products from vendors who pay them.

The latest legal action comes after Amazon sued a number of websites for selling their services of fake reviews.

Amazon is bringing this action to protect its customers of this misconduct. The company also said that many of the defendants demand the sellers write the text for the review and then they get paid to post it.

The defendants took steps to avoid being detected by using multiple accounts and different IP addresses.

Amazon said that their lawsuit is not targeting Fiverr. Fiverr it was working with Amazon to resolve the issue.

“Millions of people look at online reviews before making decisions about a product or services such as hotel stays,” Nisha Arora, consumer senior director at the Competition and Markets Authority of the United Kingdom, said.

Amazon is not the only one suffering from fake reviews. Tripadvisor and other websites also have paid reviews.