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Lesbian rights activist admits to raping woman and touching another woman in a sexual manner without consent

By Mason White 10:18 AM October 19, 2015
Annie Teriba 

By: Mahesh Sarin
A lesbian rights activist at the Oxford University in the United Kingdom, has stepped down from all her positions after admitting to raping a woman and touching another in a sexual manner without consent.

20-year-old Annie Teriba publicly admitted that during a conference for ethnic students, she had sex with a woman without her consent.

Teriba was a member of the National Union of Students and the National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts. She also founded the magazine No HeterOx, in which she campaigns for gay rights.

At this year’s NUS Black Students’ Conference, Teriba admitted to having sex with a female student while she was drunk. The woman later informed her that the sex was not consensual.

In a separate incident, while drunk in a club, Teriba touched a woman in a sexual manner without consent. She apologized for both incidents.

Despite confessing to her crimes, no charges have been filed.