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Man wants $5 million from Publix supermarket for calling his cellphone numerous times without consent

By Mason White 4:03 AM October 20, 2015
Publix supermarket location 

By: Tanya Malhotra
In man in Florida, filed a lawsuit against Publix, seeking million of dollars because the company called his cellphone without consent.

Eric Snover of Leon County, filed his class action lawsuit in federal court, seeking $5 million from Publix Super Markets Inc.

Snover claims that he received automated phone calls from the supermarket without consent.

Snover told the court that he received 13 automated phone calls on his cellphone from the Publix pharmacy department over a period of 9 months.

The pharmacy claimed that his prescriptions were ready for collection. Snover said that he never used the pharmacy to fill his prescriptions.

He asked the store to stop the calls several times, but his pleas were ignored. Publix violated the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, according to the lawsuit.