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Mother props dead son’s body at his favorite spot in her bar for his wake

By Mason White 3:04 PM October 20, 2015
Jomar Aguayo Collazo 

By: Chan Yuan
A mother of San Juan, Puerto Rico, honored her deceased son by placing his body on display inside her bar.

When people walked into the bar, it looked like the man was plotting his next moves in dominoes while enjoying his beer.

However, Jomar Aguayo Collazo had been shot dead on the property of his mother’s bar a few days before his 23rd birthday.

The family held his wake at the bar. Collazo was propped up in his favorite spot at the bar with a “drink and game of dominoes.”

Collazo was dressed in a blue tracksuit and sunglasses as he sat with his head down and his hands on domino pieces as though he was contemplating his next move.

During the wake, music was playing as family and friends said their goodbyes. The grieving mother was seen in a photo planting a kiss on her son.

Aguayo was one of three people killed in what was thought to be a drug-related incident. Four more were wounded.

Three people were arrested and charged with murder.